Shortened Assignments

When students have learning difficulties, it often takes them more time to complete assignments. Shortened assignments that still provide necessary practice allows the student to complete work in a reasonable time period without undue pressure and frustration. Students with physical handicaps always require more time to complete assignments.

  • Identify terminology, concepts, and skills that are most important and require that these items be completed first.
  • Star the essential items, allowing bonus points for other items completed.
  • Reduce the number of questions or problems to be done at one time. Shorter assignments made more frequently provide the same amount of practice.
  • Allow the student to tape responses or give answers to a classmate who can write them for the student.
  • Give slower readers modified or related stories that teach the same concepts.
  • Cut a long worksheet into smaller segments and give the student one segment at a time. When one strip is completed, hand out the next. Follow this procedure until all segments are completed. When tasks are long or complex, many students have difficulty completing them.
  • Provide a card file for the student that contains definitions of frequently used words.
  • Providing worksheets with fill-in-the-blank tasks can shorten assignments as well as promote learning of new words.