Study Sheets/Guides

Students with learning problems often need study sheets in order to focus on the important elements of information to be learned. Some examples are:

  • Provide students with review outlines to guide their studying.
  • List steps in a mathematical process or a lab activity so that the student knows exactly what he/she is to do. (ETP: Clear Information)
  • Ask the student to create his/her own study sheet by listing important people, events, or facts. Then ask him to list relationships between items. (ETP: Extend Thinking, Provide Practice)
  • Have students write their own study questions after lectures, discussions, and reading assignments. (ETP: Questions/Prompts)
  • Teach students to recognize signal words in lectures and written material to guide studying. Example: "most of all," "a key feature," "a major event," "above all," "especially valuable," "remember that," "the principal item," etc. (ETP: Increase Meaning)
  • Teach students to recognize conclusion words to guide their study time. Example: "therefore", "as a result", "consequently", "in addition", "for instance", etc. (ETP: Increase Meaning)